1. Ticks & Your Pet

    The chances are that if you have been a pet owner for a while then you have had experiences with ticks. Finding a tick on your dog or cat can be a very unsettling occurrence. Ticks are vicious little creatures who find it particularly easy to hitch a ride and a meal on pets. As a pet owner, however, it is important to know the risks that come with your pet having ticks. As a common parasite, ticks…Read More

  2. Changed To Increase Your Pet’s Quality of Life

    Whether you are the new owner of a kitten or puppy or you have noticed that your beloved and longtime pet’s health seems to not be as great as it used to be, you might need to know what sort of food and exercise regime you should be putting your pet on.Most people don’t really consider that poor diet and lack of exercise for a pet has the same effects that it would on a human. That is why it i…Read More

  3. Why The Mobile Vet Is Your Best Bet

    Your pet is a very important part of your family. We know that you would never leave your dog or cat in the care of someone you didn’t completely trust so why should your vet be any different. It is vital to know that when you pet is being treated by a veterinarian that they are being given not only the best medical care, but that they are being treated like they are not only part of your family…Read More

  4. The Mobile Vet of Tulsa Will Come To You

    It is very rare that you can find a dog who doesn’t like car rides. In fact, tricking your dog into going to the veterinary office may be the simplest task you complete all day. However, if you are a cat owner then you know the absolute mania that comes with transporting your feline from your home to see the vet. Even in a pet carrier, cats tend to lose their minds anytime they are made to l…Read More

  5. The Vet Your Pet Will Look Forward To Seeing

    We’ve posted previously about finding a vet that you love and trust with your animals. However, it is just as important to find a vet that your animal loves. In fact, many animals experience major anxiety when they have to be treated by a vet, just like many humans experience stress when they visit the doctor. So what helps you from going through the process of dreading your annual physical? Wel…Read More

  6. General Veterinarian Check Ups Made Easy

    We all hope we never have to call a veterinarian because we are experiencing a pet-related emergency. But regardless if your pet is showing signs of sickness or not, they still need a friendly and trustworthy vet to continue to make sure they are in good health. Many pet owners don't know how well cats and dogs mask pain.  The Mobile Vet of Tulsa and Dr. Kristie Plunkett will ensure that your pe…Read More


    Like humans, dogs too can be afflicted with diabetes. Most commonly female dogs in the middle of their lives are diagnosed with this disease when their pancreas slowly declines in the amount of insulin it is producing. Insulin is a hormone that is essential to having a healthy metabolism that works correctly. Symptoms: The most common symptom you will see in a canine with onset diabetes is excessi…Read More