Your pet is a very important part of your family. We know that you would never leave your dog or cat in the care of someone you didn’t completely trust so why should your vet be any different. It is vital to know that when you pet is being treated by a veterinarian that they are being given not only the best medical care, but that they are being treated like they are not only part of your family, but part of your vet’s as well.

When you hire the Mobile Vet of Tulsa you are sure to get exactly that. Dr. Kristie Plunkett is dedicated to not only helping pets be in the best possible shape as far as their health is concerned, but she is also an animal lover through and through. Since she was a child, Kristie knew that her calling in life was to become a veterinarian and she never strayed from that path. Dr. Plunkett also has more than enough accreditation to make her a viable candidate in your hunt for the right vet. She attended Oklahoma State University where she studied Animal Science and later earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Not only does Dr. Plunkett work with animals all day long and love it but she has plenty of pets of her own. Knowing your pet is being treated by someone who is kind, gentle and compassionate can put you at ease. Make sure to always use the Mobile Vet of Tulsa when your pet is in need of care. Not to mention, having a vet that will come to your home is something only dreams are made of…well until now.

Call the Mobile Vet of Tulsa today and meet the wonderful doctor behind this incredible veterinary practice.