In Home Cat Euthanasia In the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Mobile Veterinary Hospital of Tulsa is dedicated to providing pain-free and peaceful cat euthanasia in the privacy of your home.

The decision to euthanize can be difficult to plan, and even more so to plan. Dr. Plunkett takes a consultative approach when discussing cat euthanasia with pet parents. The quality of life of your pet will be discussed in great detail help make your decision. Does your pet still enjoy the same activities? Is your pet in pain that can’t be controlled with medication? Does your pet still eat and drink regularly? These and many more questions will be discussed along with a complete physical exam to assess your pet’s quality of life. Working with you, the pet parent, Dr. Plunkett will develop a treatment plan to give you additional quality time with your pet, or determine if it could be time to euthanize.

Once the decision has been made, we will discuss the euthanasia experience, letting you know what to expect. We encourage all family members to be present, as well as any other pets.
The euthanasia process begins by placing an IV catheter in your pet’s leg, then administering a sedative to ensure your pet experiences no pain. Only when you are ready, is the euthanasia solution administered, relieving your pet of their pain and suffering. Afterwards, Dr. Plunkett will answer any other questions, and provide ample time to say goodbye.

There are several options for after care of your pet. We can deliver your pet to Companions Forever Pet Memorial where you can choose a communal cremation (no ashes returned) or private cremation (ashes returned). At home burial may be an option depending on local laws.

We invite you to contact us by calling 918-899-7387 or by submitting an online appointment request.