We’ve posted previously about finding a vet that you love and trust with your animals. However, it is just as important to find a vet that your animal loves. In fact, many animals experience major anxiety when they have to be treated by a vet, just like many humans experience stress when they visit the doctor. So what helps you from going through the process of dreading your annual physical? Well, knowing and liking your doctor is certainly helpful. Knowing who your doctor is and have a general rapport with him or her is important and the same can be said for pets. A veterinarian that can make your pet feel at ease is one in a million and once you find that special vet, you should hold on for dear life.

Most often the act of traveling to the veterinary office is the beginning of the fear and anxiety for your pet. With the Mobile Vet of Tulsa however, this is one step you won’t have to worry about. Dr. Kristie Plunkett, the mobile vet, will come to your home so that your pet can be comfortable in his/her own surroundings while having their veterinary exam.

Dr. Plunkett is also a kind and dedicated person with a deep passion for animals. Your pet will be able to sense they are in good hands every time the mobile vet comes to your home. Call the Mobile Vet of Tulsa office today to schedule an appointment with a vet who your pet will love!