We all hope we never have to call a veterinarian because we are experiencing a pet-related emergency. But regardless if your pet is showing signs of sickness or not, they still need a friendly and trustworthy vet to continue to make sure they are in good health. Many pet owners don’t know how well cats and dogs mask pain.  The Mobile Vet of Tulsa and Dr. Kristie Plunkett will ensure that your pet is in good health by giving him/her a full examination. There is no need for you to worry, your pet will be in good hands as he/she undergoes the following procedure:

  1. Checking Vital Signs
    Taking vitals for a pet is very similar to what happens when the doctor takes your vitals. The vet will check things like your pet’s temperature, pulse, weight, and respiration rate. During the time, Dr. Plunkett is looking for any unusual readings to ensure that nothing strange is happening in your pet’s body.
  2. Physical Examination
    The physical examination is a straightforward head to toe examination of the pet. This includes taking a closer look at limbs, checking the abdomen for swelling, checking the reproductive organs and much more to ensure your pet is in tip-top shape.
  3. Vaccinations
    If it is time for your pet to receive another vaccination, Dr. Plunkett will let you know. Keeping your pet’s vaccinations up to date is very important to your pet’s health. The state of Oklahoma requires pet owners to their pets up to date on Rabies vaccination.
  4.  Health Screenings
    Dr. Plunkett may recommend additional health screenings for your pet depending on its age and findings during the physical examination. These additional screenings, such as blood work, help to diagnose and treat your pet’s symptoms.