Whether you are the new owner of a kitten or puppy or you have noticed that your beloved and longtime pet’s health seems to not be as great as it used to be, you might need to know what sort of food and exercise regime you should be putting your pet on.Most people don’t really consider that poor diet and lack of exercise for a pet has the same effects that it would on a human. That is why it is beyond important to know how a good diet and sufficient exercise can improve your pet’s overall health. 

What to feed your pet:

When selecting a pet food that is going to be beneficial to your pet you will have to consider your pet’s breed, size, exertion and age. If your pet is young, his/her metabolism will be much faster than the metabolism of an older animal. Young pets, therefore, need higher caloric intake to ensure they will be comfortable and not hungry all day long.


Getting your pet in the habit of exercising is always a good idea. Even when you simply take 30 minutes each night out of your schedule to walk your dog around the block you are promoting muscle tone, bone strength, increased stamina and mood elevation in your pet.

The sooner you make the changes to your pet’s lifestyle the sooner you will begin to see their health improve. If, however, after making these changes you do not see any difference in your pet’s energy level or overall mood, call the Mobile Vet of Tulsa. Lack of diet and exercise are not always the problem.