It is very rare that you can find a dog who doesn’t like car rides. In fact, tricking your dog into going to the veterinary office may be the simplest task you complete all day. However, if you are a cat owner then you know the absolute mania that comes with transporting your feline from your home to see the vet. Even in a pet carrier, cats tend to lose their minds anytime they are made to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Thankfully, the Mobile Vet of Tulsa is the exact solution to this problem you have been looking for. Would it not be easier for a veterinarian to come to your home to see your pet, rather than enduring this hectic and sometimes painful process(we know, cat scratches are not fun). Dr. Kristie Plunkett will do just that. By coming to your home rather than making you come to see her at an office, the anxiety caused by travel for felines will no longer be an issue. This also applies to any pets in your home that may not be too excited to ride in a car or visit a veterinary office.

If you are searching for a vet that will put you and your pet’s needs first then contact the Mobile Vet of Tulsa today. You are sure to be impressed by how easily you can make an appointment, as well as how much happier your pet will be after seeing the vet in your own home as opposed to a typical vet’s office.