1. Pet Prescriptions: We have a pet pharmacy with us at all times

    Pet Prescriptions If you have read our previous posts, you know that Mobile Veterinary Hospital of Tulsa is the most convenient way to provide your pets with quality, compassionate care. Dr. Plunkett prides herself on relieving the stress and anxiety pet parents and their furry family members often feel when it’s time to drive to the vet. With her customer built hospital on wheels, Dr. Plunkett …Read More


    Most animals get a nail trim/pedicure every time they visit the groomers. But not all animals make it into the pet salon. Some pets bathe themselves in the pond or lake or swimming pool (you know those dogs I’m talking about), some get groomed at home and some just never seem to be dirty. But do not forget about their toenails. A good pedicure is one of the most important parts of grooming. Pet…Read More