Pet Prescriptions

If you have read our previous posts, you know that Mobile Veterinary Hospital of Tulsa is the most convenient way to provide your pets with quality, compassionate care. Dr. Plunkett prides herself on relieving the stress and anxiety pet parents and their furry family members often feel when it’s time to drive to the vet. With her customer built hospital on wheels, Dr. Plunkett can perform routine wellness exams and vaccinations all the way up to complex procedures requiring anesthesia including spays, neuters, and dental cleanings.

What many clients don’t know though is that Mobile Vet of Tulsa has fully stocked pet prescriptions on board. Because Dr. Plunkett can dispense per prescriptions during your appointment, she can demonstrate giving your pet the first dose of their prescription, and answer any questions you might have about giving the medication. Not only do pet owners feel more confident medicating their pets, they save the time and trouble of driving to purchase their pet prescriptions.

Dr. Plunkett makes every effort to stock commonly pet prescriptions, such as those that treat arthritis, allergies, parasites (fleas and ticks), and pain. When out of stock, or with less common prescriptions, Mobile Vet of Tulsa has an online pharmacy to meet pet owner’s needs. With just a few clicks, your pets medication will be delivered right to your door. Another way Mobile Veterinary Hospital of Tulsa provides convenient, compassionate care!