Pet care is always important. With Halloween tomorrow it is more important than ever for pet care. Once your kids get home with enough candy for the rest of the year you are going to want to ensure that the candy is completely out of reach of your pets. Your furry friend has a sense of smell that will take over and they will find a way to get to that candy. Keep it out of reach or every better locked away.

Glow Sticks are used a lot during Halloween as well so kids can see how to get to the next treat. If your pet gets a hold of one of these it is important to get them all cleaned up. Take them into a room with no light to be sure that all that liquid is off their coat.

One thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to pet care is some pets experience intense anxiety when a large number of spooky, dressed visitors. Just keep them away from the trick or treaters. If you think they will need something more talk to your vet.

There is another kind of pet out there though and that is the pet that enjoys the attention. If you have one of these pets get them involved with the fun as well. They make lots of fun Halloween costumes for pets as well. Dress them up and take them with you. They might enjoy it just as much as you!