Your pets are very important members of your family. You see them every day, you love them, you enjoy their company, and you would never leave them with someone you did not trust wholeheartedly. Therefore, choosing a vet to take care of your animals should not be made lightly. In fact, your pet’s veterinarian should be someone you would even select as a friend. After all, don’t you want your pet’s caretaker to be kind, generous, thoughtful and hardworking? Of course you do!

Fortunately, if you live in the greater Tulsa area, finding the perfect vet for your animal companions may be easier than you think. Dr. Plunkett puts your animals’ health and comfort before everything else. Dr. Plunkett knows how difficult it can be to transport your pet to and from the veterinarian office. That is why she is the best option of any mobile vet or any veterinarian in the greater Tulsa area. 

For any and all of your pet’s needs, Dr. Plunkett provides top quality care, a gentle hand and a multitude of knowledge concerning the future health of your pet.

Still unsure if the Mobile Vet of Tulsa is the right fit for you and your pet? Feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Plunkett. We would love to help, so call the Mobile Vet today and find a trustworthy friend for your pet!