If you have been noticing changes in your dog’s behavior lately it may not be something you want to ignore. Maybe your pooch used to have a ton of energy and now it seems as if he/she is apathetic towards you when you come home. Changes in temperament are also a great sign that something is wrong with your pet. If a once patient and kind dog is now easily irritated and somewhat aggressive, this is not normal. Any of the symptoms could be a good indication that your dog is suffering from depression. Below you can find a few more warning signs that your dog may be suffering from depression.

  1. Lack of Interest
    If your pet is no longer excited by the things that used to really make him/her ecstatic, there is a good chance depression is on the horizon. If treats no longer cause your dog’s ears to perk up or his favorite ball has been neglected in the yard for days or weeks, it may be time to visit the vet.
  2. Altered Eating Habits
    Chances are if your dog is depressed his/her interest in eating has probably declined or almost stopped entirely.
  3. Excessive Sleep
    It is normal for a dog to sleep around 14 hours a day, so if your pet has always spent this much time snoozing, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you notice your pet spending a lot of time laying around listlessly, you may want to look into it.

If you think your dog may be depressed, call the Mobile Vet of Tulsa and find out what you can do to get your pet back to normal.